Digital Marketing with a PPC Freelancer

In an age when everyone’s at home rather than out and about, the entire landscape has changed. When you could before rely on footfall and other more traditional marketing channels, now is the time to fully invest in digital and get yourself a PPC freelancer.

Your website needs to be geared up and ready for the task, and your marketing strategy needs to be set up and continually optimised to the current realtime landscape to stand any chance of working. 

With everybody sitting around on their devices, laptops and desktops for work, mobiles for keeping up with contacts, friends and colleagues, and tablets perhaps for idle web browsing in front of the TV in the evening, this hyper-digital lifestyle is now both commonplace and a marketers dream if done properly.

There is plenty of web search happening, and still, conversion and purchase intent if you’re advertising to the right people. So a comprehensive web marketing strategy, including pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – Google ads and Microsoft search ads as well as display advertising (including Facebook and Instagram advertising) is required. Display advertising encompasses both prospecting (finding new users who may not know your brand), as well as remarketing campaigns setup to target users who had visited your website previously and not converted the first time around. Remarketing feeds these users back into the bottom of your sales funnel with more conversion intent and a higher likelihood of converting, at a fraction of your standard, prospecting CPA.

All websites need to be optimised, and with lots of potential web users, you need to carry out experiments to work out what is and isn’t working for you. Relevant actions can be carried out off the back and improvements to web journeys and conversion rates can easily be made. Make the most of these opportunities for your website and digital marketing strategy.

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