Nailing the Sales funnel with a PPC consultant

Pay per click advertising (PPC) has long become a mainstay in most companies marketing output. Historically PPC provided both prospecting (upper-funnel) and lower-funnel, higher-converting clicks to websites, but as the digital marketing landscape ever increases, PPC is getting pushed down the funnel, opening prospecting up for other channels to fulfil. This is why your PPC consultant needs to tailor advertising to your sales funnel.

In come display advertising channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display network (GDN) and YouTube, and plugging the top of the funnel is not so hard. These prospecting channels feed the funnel very nicely, and the targeting options allow you to be granular when selecting which users you want to get your brand in front of. 

After this, your PPC freelancer can retarget on these platforms to get your brand under the nose of prospective clients and previous visitors yet again, this time with a bit more converting intent. These lower funnels can work in tandem with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads to fill the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and create a comprehensive marketing campaign. 

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