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We have PPC and paid experience in almost every advertising category. We have worked with huge, multi-national companies with £million online budgets, as well as having helped smaller start-ups setup from the start, with tracking, to driving conversions with their first ever paid media campaigns. As a Google Ads consultant we have vast experience and are ready to give some Google Ads help.

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Google Ads Consultant | Google Ads Help

Let us help your Google Ads with an audit or choose to go for a full fledged managed account by PPSee. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you and your company succeed.

Together we will work out your business needs, and plan a PPC campaign with the right targeting and cost. We will run the right campaigns to achieve your objectives. Whether it be driving website traffic, conversions, or contact enquiries. Or maybe all you want is help setting up GA and Google Ads (previously Adwords) or Microsoft Ads (née Bing), before getting on with your own paid search.


The setup may be hard, but it doesn’t get easier after launch. Then comes the optimisation. Modifying keywords, keyword bids, ad copy, audiences, demographics, ad extensions, ad schedules, budgets, bidding strategies, up and down-weighing device bid adjustments, search query reporting, just to name a few, are some of the ongoing optimisations which must be made on an ongoing basis to keep your accounts healthy. Another eye must be kept on keyword competitors to ensure we’re bidding on what we want to be, and not over or under-competing. We have expertise in all of this and can provide bespoke reporting on anything that can help you with a holistic business view. The job is never complete and we will continue to work together to push for better performance.

If you are simply after a review of your current Google Ads or Microsoft Ads setups and want tips for improvements, best practises, organisation and optimisations, or want to talk and get your PPC setup in the best possible shape it can be, with continual management and ongoing optimisations – let us know. Get in touch today and let PPSee be your Google Ads Consultant.

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