What is a PPC Audit?

A PPC audit is a complete account check to determine the current health of your account. You should complete a Google Ads audit at least annually. An audit determines if any bad practices have been spread through your account and highlight ways to improve performance. Another reason for an annual PPC audit is to discover new Google updates and ways in which to improve your current setup and advertising off the back of these.


How to get a free PPC Audit

Google PPC audits are rife, scattered across the internet, coming in different shapes and sizes. They also range from paid-for audit checklists to incomplete or dated PPC audits from circa 2012. 

But the problem with using these free ppc audits online are two-fold:

1. Extra work. You don’t want to add an extra free PPC audit to your workload.

Who wants more work, nevermind attempting to grade yourself? Therefore when working on your own free PPC audit, not only will it be harder to do, you’ll also struggle to find improvements. This is because having the same person checking the setup who implemented it to start with will create a raft of problems. As a result, chances are you’ll miss the opportunities, the same as the first time around.

2. PPC audits are quickly outdated.

It’s not news that Google routinely changes algorithms as well as update Google Ads abilities and limitations. So a worthwhile Google PPC audit needs to be continually updated and incorporate all modern changes and best practises in real-time. This will maximise on the possible performance gains as well as stopping the Google Ads audit becoming a waste of time to do.

Need PPC Help? Get in touch for a PPSee PPC Audit

Why a PPSee PPC Audit?

Firstly, we write our PPSee audit in-house – by professional PPC consultants with years of practice. We have worked on accounts across the spectrum and have vast amounts of experience. Therefore when pooling our learnings together, we feel we’re able to concoct a coherent PPC checklist to measure and advise on all parts of a Google ads account setup.

Therefore we constantly update our audit checklist based on Google developments, which currently stands at 80 points. We split this into 12 main sections, starting at a holistic look into your account, before delving into every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned: 

  1. Audit objective
  2. Account settings
  3. Tracking
  4. Campaign settings
  5. Budget & bidding
  6. Targeting
  7. Ad Groups
  8. Ads
  9. Keywords
  10. Quality score
  11. Ad Extensions
  12. Remarketing

And under each of these headers, we have an in-depth checklist of points we go through, enabling us to discover opportunities along the way.

How to get PPSee to check over your account?

We offer our 80 point PPC audit as a first port of call for any new client. We believe this is a great way to get to grips with an account before being able to highlight quick wins as well as longer-term improvements to better deliver results. 

Finally, we share the completed audit as both a raw spreadsheet as well as a presentation. The spreadsheet contains the full 80 point list alongside our comments on each point and a corresponding file/screenshot where necessary. This should be referred back to for months until every step and improvement has been ticked off. In addition, the presentation highlights the main points from the in-depth spreadsheet as well as helping to better explain the improvement suggestions. This is also a fantastic tool for sharing internally and showcases the great work you have done on your Google Ads account – and the exciting improvements to come off the back of our checks. 

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help with your Google Ads account. Or perhaps you just want us to carry out an audit and show you how to self-improve your account. Check out our full services list to see what else we can do.

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Written in 2020 by PPC Experts at PPSee.co.uk