Display Advertising & Remarketing At The Bottom Of The Funnel

However good your conversion rate is, you are still going to lose most of the footfall you drive. Remarketing can help by targeting those drop off’s and bringing them back to your website to convert. It might sound simple, and there are a few clever channels and methods we can utilise to retarget these users, using pixel data, lead data or detailed demographic information.

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Remarketing can be done on PPC, by having specific campaigns and keywords showing only for users who have previously visited your site. However, the big players in the display vertical are the social networks and display advertisers. Display advertising usually shows banners and images rather than text ads, and can show throughout a user’s online browsing, rather than just on Google and Microsoft search results pages. 

Facebook and Instagram are huge players in this market and there are a number of targeting methods we can employ to ensure your previous website users are retargeted with relevant ads across these markets, bringing them back to your website with conversion intent. Remarketing ads are also set up differently to prospecting ads, as rather than brand awareness, the challenge here is to bring users who are potentially already aware of your brand, to come back and convert.

Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

Prospecting, unlike remarketing, is all about brand awareness and getting your name and website out there to people who may not know what you have to offer. But instead of keywords like on PPC, display prospecting targeting can be achieved using demographic information, user behaviour, or even by targeting users “similar” to your current website visitors or converters. Display prospecting can be cheap and is able to bring vast numbers of relevant potential customers through to your website, at a fraction of the cost of PPC. A well rounded setup is therefore needed, with prospecting feeding the top of the funnel and remarketing to help ensure website visitors are converted as much as possible, at the bottom of the funnel.

Remarketing Sales Funnel Display Campaigns

Just like on PPC, there are campaigns, ads, bids, and an array of other targeting options, demographics, and ad copy which need to be continually tested, monitored and optimised.

So whether this is your first foray into display, prospecting or remarketing, or if you’ve tried before but performance wasn’t as good as you had hoped, get in touch with us and let’s get to work.

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