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My expertise is not only with PPC. Having trained and specialised in PPC for a number of years, the logical progression into SEO made sense. Being able to tie marketing strategies together, both playing off while complimenting each other, has been a great help to holistically tackling digital marketing. If certain search terms don’t work on PPC, say they’re too competitive, or simply too expensive, then try tackling them on SEO organic search, and getting that traffic for free. Conversely if you’re already mastering a search term on PPC, why rest on your laurels? Ramp up SEO on this term and start getting that same web traffic, but for free. Having both channels working in unison can really open up your marketing and improve efficiencies and volumes.

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What can I help with as your SEO consultant?

PPSee can help set your website up to better rank on Google, for free. My expertise is with on-site SEO – this is the stuff that is easily editable and results can be quickly seen – with higher Google rankings. PPSee looks at web page content and copy, titles, subtitles, images, alt attributes, meta titles & descriptions, and can help your pages rank for your desired search terms on Google. Tracking the Google search results page improvements over time for each term.  

Also if you need help seeing where the search volume is, and which search terms are the right ones to target for each of your webpages, or your business in general. We can sit down, look at the data, and decide these together.

Get in touch today and let me help your website rank better organically, as well as with paid search.

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If you need an SEO consultant in Nottingham, look no further. I work around the Midlands so can work as an SEO consultant Nottingham. 

A website running without SEO optimisation is a waste of potential. Do you need an SEO consultant London? Get in touch with PPSee today and we can be your midlands SEO consultant. Whether you want an SEO consultant in the Midlands, or an SEO consultant in London, we can help.